Saving product is intended for KIMOCHI token holders.

βœ… Saving contract: 0x16b50eD39c2869770722F301233d2AEaC4946B03​
❗️ Note:
  • 10% of the total supply minted completely is for Saving, only distributed when users participate in Saving.
  • There are not any tokens will be sold.
  • The admin key of the contract will be transferred to the timelock contract.

Saving options:

  • 11 days β€” 5% ROI
  • 30 days β€” 12% ROI
  • 90 days β€” 40% ROI
  • 180 days β€” 101% ROI
  • 360 days β€” 297% ROI
The longer you saving the higher the APY. However you won't be able to withdraw funds until the duration has passed.

How to Saving?

Step 1: Go to and Connect to Metamask
Step 2: Approve Saving
Step 3: Enter amount and Saving Duration
Step 4: Click Saving and Confirm
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